They say count your blessings, so I do.

Hi, my name is Elishia! I live in Brooklyn, NY and I’m originally from Philadelphia. I am an author, educator, lover of fashion, health, discovering love, and blossoming as an entrepreneur! This site and its contents will discuss my three main interests when it comes to my writing: Labels, Love, and Living. Each area will explore topics that interest me and may intrigue others. I have been writing professionally since graduating college in 2009 from Arcadia University. Since receiving my Masters degree in Writing Studies from Saint Joseph’s University in 2013 I have become more dedicated to shaping my brand and craft.

My writing creds include Soul Train, LookLab, Examiner, Crème Magazine, Campus Philly, and quarterly newsletters while employed at a non-profit organization.

Writing is a big way in how I express myself, it is my passion. Here’s to exploring each and every day!

For writing inquiries please complete the form below or contact me at: labelsloveandliving@gmail.com.




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