Snow day?

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” That’s exactly what it was supposed to do last night but I woke up to a thin powdery dusting of snow. Depending on where you live, here in the northeast certain areas got hit harder than others. Because I had a day off from work anyway […]

Your lips are movin’

There’s this song when rap mogul/icon all of that good stuff P. Diddy was “Puff Daddy” and at this specific time in the 90’s he had the world rocking with his hits. While he had many #1 songs, was featured on songs and produced many more, there’s this one line from R&B group SWV’s song […]

Laundry Day!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is officially 2015! I’m cleaning house, not just because it is a new year but seriously, I deserve positive changes. As I did laundry before 2014 ended I realized there was something symbolic about this routine form of cleaning that we all do. It came to my attention that I needed […]