Laundry Day!


HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is officially 2015! I’m cleaning house, not just because it is a new year but seriously, I deserve positive changes.

As I did laundry before 2014 ended I realized there was something symbolic about this routine form of cleaning that we all do. It came to my attention that I needed to also tidy up my personal and professional life, scrub away the fear, suds up the courage and rinse off the uncertainty. Today, and everyday I am making conscious efforts to have a better attitude and to flip any negativity into something great, something that makes me happy.

This video simply shows me having some fun while home alone, I was bored and didn’t care if I looked silly. The song “Shine” by Estelle seemed appropriate for my mood. Hey, I’m being fearless, you should try it too!

From my heart to yours,


Happy New Year!


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