Sweet 16

When I turned 16 I remember it was uneventful, but pretty special because I was growing up. My family and I had dined out at our signature birthday dinner place Chili’s, and that was it. That summer I had my first “boyfriend” for two weeks and six days (I kept count haha). But not too soon after being wooed I saw him kissing plus walking hand and hand with another girl in the neighborhood. I randomly was passing by a street while on the trolley going home from school and there he was. I was able to get a good view since a passenger had rung the bell for the 52nd street stop. It sounds so dramatic now but in that moment I felt heartbroken for some reason.

During our phone call later on that day when I asked him about it he said and I quote, “Oh, her? Naw, she’s gay.” My 16 year old self knew it was a lie and it bothered me that he had a nerve to date two girls at once. My guess is I wasn’t moving fast enough for him. Plus he told me that I never wanted to come over his house and “chill.” Looking back I find it funny that I expected a hormonal 16 year old boy to be “faithful.” I mean like, we were kids, it wasn’t that serious. But often I love hard and I put a lot of emotions into things that may seem unimportant. So in turning 16 I learned what my boundaries were and staying true to what I thought was right.

Fast forward to present day I want to embrace 16 in a new way, making this year of 2016 amazing, heartfelt, and filled with love!

So, in order for me to keep the positivity going I have to take charge of my wellness and RESET: Rest, Empower, Savor, Engage, Think. I said a prayer this past Sunday morning asking God for guidance as I RESET. A new month has arrived and it feels like a new chance to get past my fears and things that were hurtful to me. No sense in delaying progress.

I’m not 16 anymore. But today and everyday I feel more confidence that 2016 for me will be filled with a sweetness of growth and standing my ground. I’d like to think my younger self helped to prepare me for the greatness I am capable of. And while I didn’t have  a big party when I turned 16, I now realize no matter what, a celebration of life (even if it’s at Chili’s) is pretty sweet.


Tap the “Love” section for some food for thought on my self-love journey!


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