November 28, 2018

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❤ Lish

September 14, 2016

Time off for that TIME of the month?


So, this may be T.M.I. but last week when a certain “friend” came to visit I was exhausted. I was exhausted from many things but more so that I was at work standing on my feet, teaching children, and thinking hard on not getting cramps. I suddenly thought to myself, “Shouldn’t I get time off for this?” Haha! I mean at least for “Day 1.” Every girl and woman’s cycle is different but if you’re at the OG status of knowing through and through the routine of your period cycle, then you know there’s a time where you just don’t want to do much of anything.

Maybe it could be a written work law or something (that only women are privy to) and it’s an option for a job where you are allotted a certain amount of days off in a year for “that time.” It may sound impossible perhaps silly, but to me I need that time on occasion to just lay in bed and do nothing. Sure, if you have personal or sick days I guess you could use it for that, BUT can’t we just make it an official day off? Or, at least buy me lunch on my break. Yeah ok, I’m really dreaming.

Call me crazy or give me a “Girl, bye!” stank eye. Hey, when that friend comes to visit, all sorts of things go through my mind. I’m just saying. 🙂

Message me your thoughts and I’ll anonymously share in another post! Email me:


June 6, 2016

Your heart to follow…

The year of 2016 will soon be a memory and I am brewing a massive amount of ideas that I want to achieve. This issue that comes about is that there are too many! I’m not saying that they aren’t attainable but sometimes I feel like I pile on too much, too fast, and without a concrete plan of action. I’m no perfectionist but I like to have organization because it keeps me balanced. With that being said I still struggle with how to level out and how to approach my many projects, aspirations, and thoughts. I know it’s possible!

As I think about the women in my life there seems to be some crossover going on where it isn’t just me that seems to be facing this challenge. And it’s ok, none of us are saints let’s be real! But I want to flesh out some advice and hopefully inspire you. I am not a “fixer” or trained motivator but I think I have some words of encouragement to pass along. Heck, we all need it every so often, right?!

These descriptions/types that I came up with aren’t necessarily all of the women that I know. But more of what I’ve noticed from articles I have read that pinpoint what some women seem to be dealing with. Or, these descriptions are of people that I encounter(ed). I am not trying to group anyone into a box or category but more so place a name on any emotions or feelings.

Queen of Ideas

I definitely fall under this group without question. The “Queen of Ideas” is just that, she always has a new venture up her dainty sleeves. It is her favorite avenue to walk down and burst with hearty excitement because of how fabulous it sounds. That’s cool, but queens sometime need to sit on their idea thrones and just be still for a bit.

Tips: Write down what those ideas are (big & tiny) and really plan how you can finish them. Try spacing those ideas out. Start off small, even if it is as simple as revamping your room or closet by switching things around. Don’t fret if everything on your list or plans aren’t completed. Breathe, and begin again.

Money Grubber

Yes, of course most people LOVE money but the “Money Grubber” craves it and spends it often, maybe too often. Her challenge is learning how to save her dough without devouring it as fast as she’s gotten it. Whether you’re the money grubber that works really hard for the money but it burns in your pocket or bank account and you’re itching to spend it. Or you’re the money grubber that can’t tell yourself no, no more swiping that credit card, no more going out to dinner every other day. You struggle with savoring your financial abundance.

Tips: Keep track in a journal of all of your expenses that you have to pay for each month. Whether in your savings account or in your own home put aside “play money” or merely savings inside a jar or wherever you’d like. Prioritize those shopping trips and nights out so that you aren’t over spending. And if money isn’t really something you’ve had a lot of lately maybe it’s time to try a different path/job. No one likes to be broke!

First Lady

Are you the woman who puts every one’s needs before her own? You make sure the people closest to you are alright and just about forget about your own well-being. Maybe you’re caring for a family member or you’re a single mother that has to do it all. Or a person who’s sporting one too many hats. You’re drained all of the time and hardly have a free moment of peace by yourself. That’s a no go.

Tips: Consider being selfish. Might sound bad but you’ve GOT to learn how to put yourself first, you deserve to be the first lady and feel sane. True, you might think God is first, or if you’re a parent or a Jackie-of-all-trades and there are some things that you feel should be put before you. But you need solace as well and to feel stress-free. If you can get assistance with your child or children, ASK even if you have a spouse/partner. If you feel over-worked maybe ask your boss for a better schedule or take a personal day, vacation/stay-cation, SOMETHING! You can be number one.

Pretty Passive

She’s the one where not much stimulates her, never really has a strong reaction to problems or even good things. It’s not that the “Pretty Passive” person is dull or un-emotional but she’s laid-back and would much rather be low-key as far any participation goes. But being passive sometimes has its turbulent moments where you almost don’t care enough about anything. There could be a reason the passive gal acts this way, she may not want to be known as a docile dame but it’s become her personality trait somehow.

Tips: If you’re dealing with trying to be more energized with every occurrence in your life try to first admit it, then confront it. Discover if being passive is just you (nothing wrong if so), or are you hiding from addressing something else? Create a daily mantra for yourself to help motivate your moods.

Career Connoisseur 

Her motto is her own, the phrases pay in her eyes. Whether she’s experienced, mid-level or just starting out the “Career Connoisseur” is all about that, her career and not much else. Maybe she adds in her relationship if she’s off the market, or time to socialize with friends, and spend some free time (when she has it) with family. However this career woman is consumed by her job and making money matter. It isn’t that she doesn’t have other hobbies she just loves what she does. It’s a beautiful thing of course, especially if she’s worked twice as hard to get where she is, she’s proud.

Tips: Keep the momentum going, work it girl! But also find the time to slow down and get your rest on. You are your biggest competition, remember that. Don’t be hesitant to take on a less challenging task like maybe a yoga class, learning a new recipe, or catching up on your favorite t.v. shows or a movie you haven’t watched in a long time. It’s ok to settle down and take in the view that you made possible for yourself.

Which description somewhat fits you? Or perhaps it is a little bit of all mentioned. As I said before none of these types/descriptions are to define anyone, simply to open ourselves to how we can be better and glistening in positive changes. You are on your own path, follow it. It is your heart to follow.

May 10, 2016

This week I am working towards changing up my diet. My bestie Michelle challenged me on a 10 Day Sugar Detox:

No: Bread, Rice, Pasta, Grains, Sugar, Sodas or Juices

Yes: Meat, Veggies, Nuts, Water

Have you heard of? I’m thinking of this challenge as a fast and hopeful I can last the entire 10 days!


February 3, 2016



I love food, period. I have been and still fortunate to have food to buy and eat. As I am getting older I think more about healthy eating and wanting to be more conscious of what I consume. I am the kind of person who really sticks to 3 meals a day, that being breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I sometimes add in a few “sub-meals” like a quick snack of popcorn, cookies, fruit, crackers, or whatever is accessible in the kitchen or if I am out somewhere. While I would like to change the more junk food choices with more healthier snacks. But I really can get stuck on what they should be. What are “good” snacks to eat?

I’d like to think of myself as a simple/picky eater. I like what I like but also as long as I get a nice filling meal, nutritious or not I’m generally satisfied. If you’re familiar with Disney’s 101 Dalmatians movie I am the puppy that is always hungry. I really am! I probably think more about food during the day than the average person. Thinking of pancakes right now. 🙂

I drink lots of water daily and my go to beverage is iced tea, and I like apple & orange juice in the mornings. I stopped drinking soda in the 12th grade, only having ginger ale if I have a stomach ache. 

I am no master chef but I will say that I am expanding my dinner choices and actually getting in the kitchen to cook. Being a more active cook has afforded me more skills to prepare for my (ahem, future husband) 🙂 and to help my mom out who can tend to cook the same foods or be heavy handed with her signature season salt. For me it’s simple. I just want to be healthy and my best self!

Growing up my family and some friends would make jokes about my slender size no matter the big appetite that I have. There is some truth to that. Mostly I never paid attention as a growing young adult that my weight pretty much stayed the same. Even once I started college there wasn’t that much of an increase surprisingly because I was ALWAYS eating, keeping up with my 3 meals a day routine and snacking. Not to mention late night runs to Wawa with friends and eating who knows what at midnight. I have since changed that and I typically do not eat after 8pm with the exception of a weekend or a change in my evening plans. My meal routine is really simple, but of course there’s always room for changes.

My weight to me doesn’t mean it is ok to stuff my face with cheesesteaks, not at all. I still have to take care of my body. I don’t aim to be perfectly fit or built, for my occasional belly/pouch likes to debut itself and remind me I am not perfect. And that’s just fine with me.

So your daily meal plan should definitely be customized to your liking. But also feature nutrients and exercise to keep a healthy balance. The thing to keep in mind is that we are all different. If you have struggles with eating or your weight you aren’t alone. Pair up with friends or join community groups online or in person to keep you informed and supported. 

Food and meal plans don’t have to be so serious. It should be fulfilling and just right for YOU!

From one foodie to another,

Bon appetit 


November 10, 2015

Do you ever just feel, blah? You’re not necessarily sad but you aren’t full of energy either. I get like that, I’m human and it happens. Sometimes that blah mood creeps over me unprovoked or it stems from an occurance maybe the day before. Point is, I am an emotional person but often those feelings aren’t outwardly expressed. I’m like a turtle sometimes where clearly I’m there and something is happening, but I clamp up and hide into my imaginary shell while my thoughts go round and round like a maze.

I hadn’t always been on a mood elevator. Some things, even very small stuff that seem unfair or make me sad, started to be harder to deal with. I think it stems from past hurts or fears where now when I feel down, it’s all slow-motion to pick up again. But progression is in effect and I choose to uplift my own self even if no one knows what I feel.

A fun first step to positively channel stress I started to color. Yep that’s right, color. The Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book is now my favorite thing to do. It truly is a coloring book for adults and comes with no shame, and of course some cool designs to color in. The coloring pages are very intricate and detailed, plus there are hidden items to find throughout the entire book, something the author Johanna Basford achieves well. I found the book for $15.00 at Target, but it was a YouTuber (SunKissAlba) that I learned about this awesome book. She posted a video on how she deals with stress and her ideas were helpful. Watch the video here!

So however you deal with stress keep at it. But give the coloring a try! It’s really helping me, and not just on my blah days, but even when I just want to color because it’s fun. I usually put on some music, grab my felt tip markers, and zone out coloring. The coloring book is a great way to turn my frown upside down.




September 7, 2015

New venture: 


August 18, 2015

Freshman 15: Essential dorm items for your first semester in college  School is back in session for many college students all over the world and some are gearing up to begin. It’s a strange time beginning college, starting your newfound independence, being a young adult, figuring out who you are, yadda, yadda, yadda. 🙂 But for me it was by far one of the best experiences of my school career and life. It’s been *clears throat* 10 years since my first year as a college student! It was scary, cool, fun, challenging, poppin’ (as my friends and I used to say), it was an overall awesome time for me.

But with any new experience there was lots I didn’t know. Though for time sake I’m going to get right into the more basic things about your freshman year of college.

First things first, I am not an expert or proclaimed know-it-all when it comes to college life or the ins and outs of beginning at a unversity/college. However, I am privy to what college was like for me and knowing what I know now. I’m just spreading the freshman gospel of what I’d wish I knew or made more use of!

Below are 15 essential items you could use as your begin college. Plus I will post a quick video soon to illustrate my suggestions. First the items.

1. Professional clothes

2. Journal

3. Bulk of “personals”

4. Planner

5. Family album

6. Board games

7. Ink cartridges

8. Snacks/popcorn

9. Earphones

10. Cash

11. Flip flops 

12. Hair products

13. Hand Sanitizer

14. Power strip

15. New friends

Extra items not on the list, video will explain more! Add on *Protection, digital camera, try new foods (healthy ones).*

College. Make it count.

August 10, 2015

Graze: Salty & Sweet Snacks

Hey everyone it’s Ericka, guest blogger for this week on Labels, Love, and Living! For the “Living” section I am sharing info on a company called Graze that offers a cool subscription of healthy snacks in a box. The handpicked sweet treats with over 100 snacks to choose from are sensible for your everyday diet and a different way to try new snacks.

I decided to purchase the two options that includes 4 snacks for $6.99 and an 8 pack snack box for $11.99. Each box offers 4 different healthy snack options from pretzels to popcorn, and much more! The snacks are random as far as what gets sent to you but you can go on the website and they have hundreds of snacks you can rate. Based on those rates those are the snacks you can choose. If you have a preference of no almonds or nuts you can tell them that so they won’t send boxes that include it.

Here’s a look at how you can rate what kinds of snacks you’d like:
 I chose to try the Graze box after seeing an ad on Facebook. I ventured to YouTube to hear some reviews, I heard good, bad and mixed reviews. I figured why not give it a shot. I was able to try the 4 snack box and 8 snack box.

So far I have tried 2 of the snacks out of the boxes and I am sold! They were very filling and yummy. I’ve tried the Salted Fudge, Peanut Cookie and the Brooklyn Bites. The Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookie includes salted peanuts, redskin peanuts, vanilla fudge and mini chocolate cookies. I wasn’t a fan of the vanilla fudge it was a little too sweet for me. But as a whole it was really good. The Brooklyn Bites include pretzels, cashews and pumpkin seeds, I definitely could eat this as a daily snack because it wasn’t too salty and had lots of flavor.

I look forward to trying more of the snacks. I definitely would buy from Graze again. They offer options to have the snacks weekly or monthly. If I could choose I would do once a month, and I would choose the 8 pack snack box. Graze is a great way to delve into healthy snacks without committing to buy a whole box of snacks you may not like. I like options which is why I love the snack box from Graze!

Guest blogger- Ericka


April 27, 2015


This Friday, May 1st I will be turning 28! It seems unreal but not so much as yes the years are definitely going by. After I turned 21 in 2007 it just seems like time just ticked and went on so quickly. But no matter, I will embrace the new age of life, opportunities, loads of fun and happiness. Before I become the big 2-8 I came up with the idea to make a list of 28 things or items that I will complete come this Friday!

Some may seem ambitious or random but that’s the idea. This isn’t a bucket list its a transforming list. How often do any of us really get to check off EVERYTHING we have on our to-do lists whether it be on paper, stored in your phones or minds? These 28 transforming items will be challenging but I’m up for it. I’m sharing it with you all because it may inspire you to try this out. It can be for a birthday, anniversary, or simply a list of things you’d like to accomplish in a week no matter how random. I’m happy to add that the first item I did yesterday and it was totally unplanned.

*These items may be completed out of the numbered order, this is how I thought of it as I came up with the list*

  1. Dine out by myself
  2. Organize bookshelf at home
  3. Submit poetry manuscript
  4. Take 28 selfies being silly
  5. Finish Sula and start new book
  6. Pray everyday; EVERY SINGLE DAY
  7. Write a 28 line love letter to me
  8. Do something special for Mommy
  9. Clean-up emails (it’s ok to let some go!)
  10. Compliment a stranger
  11. Take 28 minutes being still and quiet if possible during the day
  12. Hand out 2+8= 10 lunches to individuals who are homeless
  13. Be on time if not earlier for work
  14. Put 3 vintage music records up for bid on eBay
  15. Have a spa day on birthday 5/1
  16. Strategize a concrete plan for my support group Blossom
  17. Pitch another poem to The New Yorker
  18. Go back to Modern Fitness class 4/28 after having a 3 week hiatus
  19. Write a blog post titled “Games People Play” and go from there
  20. Create a summer goals list
  21. Cook dinner for family
  22. Try on dress for wedding to see if it still fits 🙂
  23. Play a board game with family
  24. Play “Never have I ever” game with Mommy involving a glass of water (this should be interesting!)
  25. Do a quick workout each morning
  26. Vision board for age 28
  27. Take a look back via calendar (where each day no matter if I didn’t do much I write down what happened) look at all I have achieved while 27
  28. Keep a better focus on my passions, have fun with life, long lasting laughter!

I will update you all on my progress and completion of these items. Here’s to 28!




January 27, 2015

lunch break

Lunch break

For your snow day in fix yourself a nice lunch. When you’re at work or school sometimes it is hard to be relaxed and really enjoy your lunch break. For me sometimes I’m always thinking about how much time I have left before I have to head back to work. That mentality can distract you from enjoying your food and believe me I’m working on it. But some days are better than others. If I’m having a good day I can kick back and enjoy my break without focusing on time.

Got fruit? If you haven’t eaten your lunch yet or perhaps you have, maybe add a fruit smoothie for your midday munchies and something else light. I for one have three bananas that are aching for my attention as they are past the yellow phase. Smoothie it is!


January 14, 2015

A friendly visit


When it’s that “time” of the month women and girls of various ages go through in my opinion, the most bizarre 5 to 7 days of our lives. Your period. From mood swings, sensitivity to smell, cramps, despising the color red, bizarre is the perfect word for it.

It’s something people every really talk about, and why would you, right? It’s not much of a conversation starter that’s for sure. Though woman to woman, girl to girl WE get it. It’s sacred, it’s private and at some point in our lives it was special when we started our first period. Special could be a number of things. For me, I was 9 years old in the fourth grade and terrified. I remember my sister and grandmother who were home that day after school, they were excited, I was confused and needed new underwear. At 9 I didn’t feel so womanly.

Grown up now I realize every female is different as far as “flow” goes, whether you get cramps or not, or even if it’s not much of a “thing” to you, it exists. Whatever your present circumstance if you no longer have your period because you’re now of a certain age, maybe you’re pregnant or perhaps you’re on the pill and it’s a rare visit from your ole friend. We as women young or seasoned know the cycle, period.

As I step into “Day 2” having taken a day off from work and the lower half of my body feels bloated, it made me wonder if we as women and girls out there deserve a day to ourselves? What I mean is, a period for any woman or girl can be a sensitive time and sometimes painful for some. If a person’s period comes on during a week of school, meetings, work, whatever the case, should they be given special privileges?

Let me put it this way, the way a woman gets maternity leave or someone needs a leave of absence for a loved one or their own medical reason, should women on their period get a day(s) to cope or simply relax? Of course certain jobs and school circumstances wouldn’t permit every woman and girl to do that, but should we still get some sort of compassion? Because let me tell you I don’t know how many times either I’ve heard insensitive remarks said to me or others by men/boys like:

“What’re you PMSing?
“It must be that ‘time’.”
“What’s the matter, “flow” come to town?”
“Oh, so not tonight?”

PMSBut can you blame them? They haven’t gone through it. A period is as foreign to most men as holding doors. They don’t get it! However, just so this doesn’t turn into a male-bashing what is chivalry anyway blog post, I just wanted to express the female journey that so many face and mum is always the word when it comes to talking about it. The tampon/pad commercials don’t count to me. It’s fictitious and doesn’t depict a woman’s right to her own period chapter that doesn’t show a smiling woman just about doing back flips.

It’s yours, it’s mine, the period has its own owners. We ought to not feel bad about it so much. Once that “friend” leaves, your real ones and family are hopefully there to love on you and enjoy the party of life. That is until said friend returns with a vengeance and glory. Hello friend.


January 13, 2015

Be good to yourself

How to stay healthy without health insurance

I don’t have medical insurance. I know I am not alone because there are millions of Americans in the U.S. who don’t have “coverage.” I’ve read articles about supposed penalties by the government if one does not have full health insurance. It’s almost like I’m a criminal, if you don’t abide by “this” then “that” will happen to you. How can someone be charged for not being able to secure or afford health insurance? How can you stay healthy without health insurance?

First idea: Find some down time & take a relaxing bath!

In the eyes of the welfare law because I don’t have children I am not eligible for health insurance. Or better yet at my own job the cost for medical is about 30% of my bi-weekly earnings. I cannot afford that. Luckily at $4.40 out of my paycheck bi-weekly allowed me to get dental coverage. Moreover, I was able to go back to my dentist of over two years now that I really like, a true provider with dental health. But I wish I could have medical insurance as well, I would like to receive my yearly physical which I was due to receive last November of 2014.

….Second idea: Being healthy goes beyond fruits and veggies!

Time tells all right? And with time I am hopeful to get full time work so that I can secure a health insurance package that suits me. The “redi-clinics” popping up around the city I discovered that without coverage would run about $90 to be seen. I called the Rite Aid redi-clinic yesterday to learn of their rates. So unless it is an emergency it is my suggestion that those without health insurance right now, if you have one (medical) and not the other (dental) or vice versa, or perhaps you have neither, take care of yourself.

….Third idea: Savor your good health and be good to yourself!

Something I am working on is getting plenty of rest, eating better, praying often, expressing my feelings, exercising, being positive. Because even if you do not have full health insurance it is so important to care for yourself without it. Love yourself, and be good to your body.

From my heart to yours,


December 14, 2014

Blacklisted? A continued journey in getting a job


Year 2. I have yet to land THE job that is just right for me. A job that like a fabulous cake recipe has all of the perks and ingredients that will make the end result worth the wait. I have been patient, and I have taken on some challenges that is a testament to my strength and ability to get through some dark times. I am educated, I have experience is various fields, I have even been told on various occasions by some employers that my resume is impressive. So then, what is the problem, why haven’t I been hired by a company that somewhat relates to my interests and work skills?!

There has to be some explanation and not the dreaded, “It’s the economy,” or “Things will start to open up soon.” I partially believe in both statements, but I ain’t buying it. Not anymore because I am someone (like many looking) who has been putting in a lot of work and energy to land employment. I am past the temporary gigs or “something for the time being” not in my interests jobs. I feel that I have worked hard degrees wise and more. But there’s something that has sparked in my mind during the last year that makes me feel someone or something has had an effect on my potential hiring somewhere. It’s what makes me feel I’ve been blacklisted.

Upon getting laid off/let go/transitioned out/sent on my merry way from the organization without my control. There was a merger, the organization I worked for essentially was taken over by another with certain money ties and a militant atmosphere that kept workers on their toes. But not me, I was determined to last, to be the one who would survive the undeniable changed work space. It didn’t work out, I didn’t get the chance to step up, to show I was capable. But my bitterness for the “powers that be” had already taken root and I had branched to complete disgust and regret.

When I was told certain things verbatim like, “You can’t get over that the position is no longer yours” or that I was belligerent I felt powerless and I believed the comments that were made to me. The thick skin I thought I had was paper thin. A position I had been promoted into two months before the merger was then stripped from me, as if I didn’t earn it. And while the occurrence of my layoff was probably for the better it took me so much time to move on and let the pain go.

Because I did not leave the organization on a good note, the bad note being my termination letter and the lack of care I felt from the ones responsible, I currently feel targeted. I feel that of all of the more than 50 job applications I have consistently sent since July 2012, some things aren’t adding up. Especially when I all I generally apply to are education related positions and the organization I worked for was education based. My suspicious mind tells me a bad word may have been put out. Though that shouldn’t be the case I still fear that. What’s the true reason for hardly any interviews or potentials?

This isn’t a TV show, I’m not a character from The Blacklist. This is real life and real questions. I know I have the drive and willpower, I couldn’t have made it through the hurdles if I didn’t have those qualities. But when’s the payback, the big reveal that shows me what I have been through was not in vain and that it something important I had to go through.

I will not complain, I will not give up. But I do wonder, have I been blacklisted?

-Lish, Just out of curiosity….

October 19, 2014


How do you care for your skin? Check out my video here as I battle my oily skin!


October 1, 2014

Food for thought


Check out this video!

Bon appetit.

September 28, 2014

In the middle

some type of way

Have you ever been in a situation that had nothing or very little to do with you, but it affects you very closely? You try to be the voice of reason or peacemaker and yet you end up feeling hurt or in the middle?  I’ve been there. As uncomfortable as it is and confusing there are no winners. For me there is so much importance in mentally how serious one’s well being is. It is how we all function and deal with every day life. More and more I am paying attention to my emotions and how I deal with them. This isn’t to say that my life is falling apart but I realize that I take to heart certain occurrences much more deeper than I have before.

It could be the transitions I am going through has led me to be more sensitive so my feelings are close by on my sleeve at the ready. The challenge is to learn how to balance said feelings and not freak out quickly. I NEED my sanity, I WANT my undeniable happiness. I no longer want to be in the middle of other peoples problems, and questioning my abilities. So now here today I can’t think of a better time to untie myself from the same and place myself in front, because I deserve it.

Perhaps a bowl of my favorite cookies ‘n cream dessert is in order. Why not?

September 7, 2014

Grapevine Gossip

Did you hear it through the grapevine or guilty as charged?

Did you hear it through the grapevine or guilty as charged?

We’ve all done it, chatting about a situation whether personal or not and then maybe sharing it with the next person, and the next person. Gossip. It can be the source of arguments started, relationships ruined, and even gossip so confusing and tangled up there’s no telling how it even began. I like to think of myself as the “receiver” of gossip, especially when it comes to the scoop about family I am mostly the one being told about something. Then there are times where I enjoy some celebrity chatter here or some local gossip there, I’m human! Guilty as charged. But I don’t feel like I necessarily feed off of gossip, I don’t need it to make it through the day. I’m not in the business of talking tirelessly about things that don’t involve me. It’s how I stay out of drama and being catty. But I have to wonder, is there good gossip?

There are expert opinions that gossiping can have its benefits emotionally. New York-based clinical psychologist Christine Weber, Ph.D. says that, “When friends come together, gossiping can help with bonding.” I can admit that I feel closer to friends when we are able to vent, share our opinions and just, TALK. If you want to call some conversations “gossip” so be it. For me, as long as there isn’t any bitter bashing going on, or if a topic heard through the grapevine doesn’t make a negative turn that stifles good energy. All is fair in gossip with your girls, with no tea and NO shade.

One could get biblical and say that any gossip whether friendly or malicious cannot be good, and that opinion could be made rightfully so. But I don’t care for a full denying that you don’t gossip, I mean let’s be real it happens! The key word for me when it comes to gossip is: INTENT. Are you sharing or starting gossip just to have something to talk about? Is it fun/not that serious? Or are you starting the “He said, she said” just for the pure fun in being messy?

Whichever your response, it is yours. But I’m curious, do you gossip?

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