November 28, 2018

Might re-evaluate this section.

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❤ Lish

March 23, 2016

Target impulse purchase: Covergirl “Oh Sugar!”

Here’s a quick video as I “try-on” two Covergirl Oh Sugar! lip colors, “Sparkle” and “Punch Cocktail.”

February 8, 2016

Lipsticks Try-on!


Hey everyone! Today I had some fun trying on my favorite lipsticks. These colors range from plum to pink. I purchased the Maybelline lipsticks at CVS, the NYX lip colors from Ulta and Target, and the MAC and Mary Kay lipsticks were gifts from my sister. 🙂 Check out my video here as I try-on the following lip colors:

    • Maybelline- “Mesmerizing Magenta” #680 (matte)
    • Maybelline- “Plum Paradise” #425 (lip cream)
    • Maybelline- “Untainted Spice” #950 (lip cream)
    • MAC- Giambattista Valli “Charlotte” (matte)
    • Mary Kay- “Exotic Orchid” (lip shine)
    • NYX- “Devil’s Food Cake” (butter gloss)
  • NYX- “Copenhagen” (soft matte, lip cream)



November 24, 2015

Sweater Weather

Comfy for the cold weather

This fall season and upcoming winter is all about sweaters. At least for me it is. Of course most of us, men and women wear sweaters and warmer clothing when it’s cold out. But I for one have a slight fashion obsession with oversized sweaters and sweaters with fun prints on them.

Two weeks ago I visited my local Marshall’s store and I purchased two sweaters that I absolutely love. One of them was $19.99, the sweater/open cardigan is my size but it fits like it’s slightly bigger and I can wrap it to snuggle in some warmth. Seen here:  

When it’s cold outside I love to layer up even if I am just getting into my car where I can turn the heat on. What I like about the sweaters I bought recently and the ones I already owned, they aren’t too bulky. When winter time officially reveals itself the big time coats, scarves, and hats come out. A thick enough sweater that keeps you warm and doesn’t make you puff up in your coat is a winner. This sweater pictured below is an example of that. Side note: I borrowed it from my my mom! 🙂

 Don’t be afraid to bundle up, just add your own style.


November 10, 2015

A ‘super’ Halloween 

My costume dream this year came true as I was able to complete my DIY Halloween look. I channeled my inner superwoman and became “Evolver Woman!”

It was a simple costume to achieve and I spent no more than $15 for the entire look. I already owned the majority of the items which were black riding boots, a floral dress, and long black gloves. The only things I paid for was the mask, floral fabric for my cape, and a roll of red duct tape to make the “E.” That worked well because my name also starts with an ‘e’. Becoming “Evolver Woman” was a piece of cake, or perhaps candy as I did consume plenty M&M’s and Starburts. 🙂

My costume was fun to wear and it really symbolized my efforts to feel super as my true self and not being afraid. That’s my superpower: Being fearless.

What’s your superpower?

October 20, 2015

My 2015 DIY Halloween Costume


For the past 4 years I have really enjoyed dressing up for Halloween. I either bought a costume or put together an ensemble myself. But for the most part my costume looks were DIY driven and more simpler to achieve, not to mention being my creative self. This year I will be giving out candy while at my aunts house and I’m looking forward to eating some M&M’s, Kit Kats, and Tootsie Roll’s! Im also looking forward to my costume this year because the last few Halloweens I have been a white character but “the Black version” as I like to say.

It was often hard to find or create a costume when generally the packaging looks to be race specific. I mean I’ve dressed up as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Waldo, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, a geisha, Lucille Ball, and last year Carrie Bradshaw. Honestly, its not about NOT being a white character for Halloween. This year for me its about being my positive myself. Yes, Halloween is supposed to be fun, not taken too seriously, and the best part, plenty of candy. But I also want to make a fun yet personable costume.

With some floral fabric, a medium length dress, tights, knee boots, a mask (hint, hint), with inexpensive embellishments, my DIY costume is complete! So, who will I be this year for Halloween? Lets just say, evolving is my superpower.
Stay tuned for the revealing of my costume!


August 3, 2015

Give face 

Thanks to my sister whom I lovingly call “Sweets,” my limited shades of lipstick that I own just got more fabulous. She surprised me and bought the new Giambattista Valli lipstick collection at MAC. This collection has 5 shades with a smooth matte finish. Giambattista Valli is a couture designer well known for his timeless creations and now a beautiful lipstick collection that suits all skin tones. The shades are Tats, Bianca B, Margherita, Charlotte, and Eugenie.


My sister brought me the lipstick in the color shade of “Charlotte” and I love it, the color compliments my sun-kissed skin. 🙂
The great thing about a color like “Charlotte” is that it’s cherry red tint is suitable for a daytime or evening look, so it’s versatile and fun.

Love yourself- first…



January 27, 2015

Closet crusader

Yep, snow days usually mean “do nothing all day,” but it doesn’t have to. If you’re in the cleaning spirit and you want to do something semi-productive why not tackle your closet? Even if it is somewhat tidy maybe you can re-organize it and gather up clothes you haven’t worn in ages.

Play some upbeat music and get to it! If you find any clothing that you no longer want, box it or bag it up to be donated. There’s always someone out in the world that could use new clothes. Just make sure the items are clean and undamaged.

Being organized and possibly helping someone else is the best label anyone can wear.


December 14, 2014

Battle of the bras

Battle of the bras

I need new bras, plain and simple! But if only it were that easy. Buying bras or a bra can be pricey, and yes I know they can be bought at some retailers like Walmart for as low as 8 or 9 bucks. And I have ventured there a few years ago to buy some bras. What’s causing me to halt is not really certain if it is time for new ones. The most recent bras that I purchased was over a year ago, they’re in good shape, I wash them by hand and not fading. But some days my bras feel weird, the one right strap that slips off of my shoulders causing me annoyance if I have to keep fixing it throughout a particular day.

There is this one bra I have in mind that is the culprit constantly, and it stinks now that it’s colder out and I am dressed in my layers it is not an easy entry to pull the strap back on my shoulder. True, maybe not wearing the bra will suffice. But there are bras that I own wear one day it feels comfortable to wear and then on another occasion I cannot wait to be back home to rip it off! You know that moment when us ladies take off our bras and let go a sigh of relief? Yep, that’s me. But to not burn our bras with angst and exercising freedom as some women did in the sixties, let’s figure out how a bra can exist without the flames. Because on the real, bras should be comfortable and not a crowded nuisance.

Maybe I need to be resized, or perhaps just some new bras to start fresh, I’m not sure! The one thing about being fitted is to go to a retailer where hopefully the person knows what they’re talking about. I’ve been to places and had been fitted incorrectly. My advice if you need to be resized have the person measure you but YOU be the judge as far as fit and comfort. Go by the size you generally wear but then make a decision on what works best.

No one wants to battle it out with a bra, and if so have your armor at the ready to unhook and release those straps for something new! I fondly remember my training bra days, I was quite young, maybe 9 years old. So I’ve had my share of bra stories. Take the poll below for your input on bras and be sure to check out this YouBeauty article “6 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Bra” by Rachel Grumman Bender.

Battling with your bras?

September 15, 2014

NYFW Spring 2015: Electric

The Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week festivities at Lincoln Center are over. The models have strutted in creations from some of the best designers showing their upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 collections. And though she wasn’t on the runway, the always stylish Sarah Jessica Parker won in my book for an electric street style look as she attended Fashion Week.


For next spring you might want to consider finding a trench coat to suit your style outdoors. As actress SJP displayed at the Calvin Klein show in a bright and blue knee-length trench coat she was royal and sleek. The wide-collared garment featured thick black zippers as pocket accents and a smooth exterior that was BEAUTIFUL. Trench coats for men and women are classic and whichever color you choose you should be comfortable.

If you’re interested in getting a trench coat now for the fall, consider DHStyles online for women where prices range from $20-$60. Check it out here!

September 7, 2014

A penny saved...

A penny saved…

Penny Pinching

My money is tight, tight jeans kind of tight. I love to shop who am I fooling?! I would be telling the biggest white lie ever if I were to write about how much money I’ve spent on various fashions or proclaiming, “This is how you shop smartly” blah blah blah. No, I for one have not had the means as of late to rack up on whatever the latest styles are and come home with fancy shopping bags or order online and await packages to be delivered. It just isn’t my reality right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a few joys of treating myself to something special, much like these 5 fashion and beauty ideas that accompany this post! Now, if you are in a position to do what I envy most right about now (shopping!) then of course by all means shop, splurge, spend! But all is fair in beauty, love for fashion and a war-drobe that includes inexpensive finds. Without further ado here are 5 ideas to consider to give your wallet a rest when it comes to skin regimens, clothing, hair and more!

Aloe Face Wash

If you ever have one, two or maybe three blemishes/pimples that have begun a party on your face without an invitation, maybe you should try a different skincare regimen. Even if you don’t have a regimen per se think about this simple way to help clear up any bumps. Use aloe! Yup that’s right, the plant. The contents inside aloe such as various minerals can help dry up a pimple party goer, helping redness and a worsened breakout. Simply press out the gel inside the aloe plant and place it on the problem areas. You can buy aloe at most farmer’s markets like Whole Foods and it shouldn’t cost you more than a buck, or two.

Shirts that shine

If you’re into comfy t-shirts but the ones you own are sort of plain, try to play it up with some embellishments (rhinestones). You can purchase them mostly at arts & craft stores like Michael’s and Jo-Ann Fabric ranging from $2-$5 for a pack. To apply the rhinestones you just need a glue gun or fabric glue and voila, place them along the collar/shoulder areas or wherever you’d like. Have fun with it, it’s a cool DIY project!

Coconut Oil

More often consumers are figuring out that typically one-use products now have a multipurpose such as coconut oil. Not only can it be used for cooking but it also can be used for the body as well. Specifically where hair on your head is concerned coconut oil has many great benefits in improving one’s hair. You don’t need to apply a lot either, use leisurely. It is packed with tons of moisture and nutrients that soothe the roots and mane. A personal favorite of mine is from Trader Joe’s. Their “Organic Virgin Coconut Oil” for $5.99 is like a dream come true.


It’s no secret that nail polish and all of the fun colors out there are very popular nowadays. For those who paint their own nails or head to a salon, you’re privy to what shades to use and how to add some flavor to an otherwise plain nail. But for those who need a hint or two on what polishes to use try Zoya, a cool website with colorful polishes galore. Their rich hues start at $8 a bottle. Don’t forget stores like Target and Walmart where you’re bound to find brands like Essie starting at about $7.


Though more known today Pinterest for awhile was a best kept secret! Whether on the phone (free app) or the website users can browse and “pin” images from all sorts of categories like recipes, hobbies, events and yes, fashion. Try to utilize Pinterest as an inexpensive tool to discover tips and tricks that “interest” you when it comes to style and beauty. The search bar is your friend as you can type in words and phrases to help you navigate what you’re trying to find. Get pinning!

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