Keep ya head up


Hello there, did anyone tell you today how awesome you are? Nope, me either. But hey, I ain’t mad! I’ll tell you why, because more everyday I am recognizing my gifts and the light that I have. Sometimes many of us can get caught up in wanting approval from others too much. From “likes” on social media to competing on the number of followers you have on Instagram. Let’s face it, will those 200 to maybe 2,000 followers really help you grow? I mean REALLY? Will they be there for you at your lowest of lows? Or will they tell you “Don’t worry, I got your back,” or tell you how great you are?

True, realistically you won’t have contact with that many of your followers or Facebook friends. But honestly, where’s the love beyond the heart shaped button on IG? Social media has reinforced the way many of us communicate, and I get that. It has also become a pillar to help millions launch businesses, reconnect with old friends, help distanced family members come together, and many other wonderful things. But for those who use social media to belittle others, or not use the opportunity to uplift someone else, grow up!

Like really, where is the love? I just wonder, “Ooh child,” will things get easier?

While I ponder on that thought it brings me back to what I wrote in the first paragraph. You (and me too) have to recognize the gifts that you possess and release them. Share them for YOU, or perhaps for a person or people in the world who don’t have the same platform or confidence that you have.

Let me tell you, I post on my blog, my writing IG, post videos on YouTube, and share articles that I’ve written constantly, and not always do I get the response or acknowledgement that I would hope for. But I keep doing it! I admit, I get frustrated when I work so hard on an article or spend time to edit a video and the views are limited, but I have to keep going. In my opinion my talents are more unique than what’s “popular” or “trending,” but there’s a whole world of content out there. Mine is just a sprinkle of all of the ‘stuff’ online and on social media.

But I can’t concern myself with who’s liking, viewing, or even reading. Merely keeping my own self current and consistent is the best “double-tap” of love that I can give myself.

I’m cool with that. Like the 1993 classic 2Pac song title says, “Keep Ya Head Up.”


Stay tuned this week for my 3 B’s of progress: Beginnings, Balance, and Blessings. A new month of March starts tomorrow!

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