Your lips are movin’

Speak it into existenceThere’s this song when rap mogul/icon all of that good stuff P. Diddy was “Puff Daddy” and at this specific time in the 90’s he had the world rocking with his hits. While he had many #1 songs, was featured on songs and produced many more, there’s this one line from R&B group SWV’s song “Someone” that resonates with me even today. “Don’t speak about it, be about it,” was part of his intro line on the song. While his lyrics were catchy and probably a little cheesy, that line means something to me. I haven’t researched enough to see if that specific line is a quote from someone else, I just know Diddy/Puff was the first person I heard say it in 1997. But of course that line, “Don’t speak about it, be about it” in many variations and however it is phrased, it is motivational.

As 2015 is in full effect I am so full of urgency, some angst, and overall just ready to feel joy, happiness, and no denying of what is mine. It’s like the “Bad Boy Forever” star said to be about it, speak whatever you want to take shape and happen in your life. Why question my abilities or what may or may not be a smart decision or timely one? If I have the air in my lungs, the spring in my step to be driven and willing to go for the happiness I am seeking, why not go after my dreams, turn them into real life?

The goal(s) I am working on, besides money being a main factor in what has slowed me down, there isn’t much I can think of that is holding me back. I want to build a stronger me, a difference in location in New York City. It is more than a dream I’ve had since the 7th grade when I wanted to go to NYU, it is a feeling, a gut feeling and no doubt that I deserve it. So why not, “speak it into existence” as the saying goes? Besides my immediate family being here in Philly and some friends, there is nothing keeping me here. Everyone is living their lives, taking their trips, getting their new jobs, soon to be graduating, having babies, almost married. When is it my turn to live out my dreams, do the possible?

So my lips, my lips are movin’, I’m talking and I’m saying what I want, even beyond these typed words. I cannot settle, I cannot wait, patience is my new middle name so I’m ready. And while my lips are movin’ I want my legs and feet to do the same. Walking by faith, my sights set on what I believe God has prepared me for the last few years. I have listened. Now I am speaking.

You should too. From my heart to yours,


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