Meet me in December


Oh November, November where has the time gone? As this month comes to a close I can’t help but freak out that this year of 2014 has gone by super fast, faster than any year recently in my opinion. Why is that? Am I too caught up in time that I haven’t let the days flow and let things take its course?

Truthfully, I’ve had a tough year financially and professionally, constantly worrying about my career and making more money to feel secure. Not to mention happy.

It’s not just a mental thing it’s external as well, and I need to find a balance that suits me. So as this month comes to a close and December speeds in I reflect on my journey of the last year and years prior.

Click here for the love section, a quick video on my continued discovery of loving my inner beauty as well as on the outside. Too often I feel we (me included) can beat ourselves (myself) up on things we (I) are lacking or self-consciousness on various areas of our lives.

Some situations or occurrences are not easy to deal with. But today, I begin again.


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