Welcome to Labels, Love, and Living!

Cheers to a brand new start of revamping ourselves and what we stand for. My name is Elishia, and I am happy to bring my writing interests full circle with this new website! Special thanks to my sister who gave me the bright and fabulous idea to tie all of my blogs into one whole site. Why didn’t I think of this before? I guess I was thinking too literal about it and not logical because I was indeed driving myself crazy trying to handle my many blogs, a continued job search, AND remain sane within my daily life. So, with that said let me briefly explain what the site, the links for each section are above on the website.

Labels imageLabels

This section will focus on my adventures of shopping while on a budget and also sharing great deals with you fashionistas. My work on Examiner.com is evidence that I have a knack for smart shopping.


For this section the main focus is yes, love. My alias name being “The Black Carrie Bradshaw” (a blog I recently started) is a clever way to describe what these posts will be about. Making comparisons to my love life (when I have one), or the dating scene, I try to relate to the character Carrie Bradshaw from the popular television show Sex and the City.


This section will be geared toward health, maintaining a positive lifestyle, and the overall importance of your mental wellness. I began writing for this topic on my blog “Hello Healthy Heart” and will continue the postings here.

Thank you for reading, more to come!


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