Hello September, is that you?


September has arrived and the fall weather is near. The air is changing to a cooler breeze and some people, me included, are experiencing allergy symptoms. The fall weather also brings forth a change in your wardrobe attire and possibly your love life. Social media sites and clever users are proclaiming it “cuffing season,” which could mean a couple of things literally and figuratively. On the social media side folks are expressing that because the weather is beginning to turn cooler more people will be “shacking up” or “getting together” for the fall/winter seasons. So supposedly a limited amount of single girls and guys alike will be taken. Supposedly.

This week on Labels, Love, and Living posts will focus on fall fashions, love in hopeful and hopeless places, and healthy daily regimens. Get your reading and inspiration on within these three sections by clicking on Labels, Love, and Living.


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