March to a new beat


Here we are, March has begun. A strange month in my opinion because as it allows us to acknowledge spring is near it also is still cold. March is the reminder that those summer vacation plans you have in mind need to be booked soon and 3 months in to any resolutions or goals you wonder if you’ve achieved anything. March for me especially this year I feel pressure, pressure with the upcoming wedding in May for my sister. I just want everything to go beautifully for her, and I know it will. But the real pressure on my end is my career and unsure what my next steps should be aside from applying to the 100th job (more like 50th) in the last 3 years. I don’t keep count per se but I know it’s in the 50s. It’s been a slow couple of seasons but time still goes tick and tock.

I am anxious to figure out my purpose and what God is calling me to do. How do I start this path? I am certain my current semi-existence at my job is not where I should be. There’s no fulfillment, no excitement. I need more. I need to feel apart of something worthwhile. I need to feel happiness.

Because at yet another standstill of confusion and angst I have to wonder, what new beat should I march to?

From my heart to yours,


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