Hello August

Well, here’s my “it’s a new month” blog post. Womp, womp. Ok, so I’m not being negative but I’m not going to get into the whole speech of “new month, new me.” I am simply taking in the month of August day by day but also organizing myself in a way so that things that are important to me don’t pass me by. A way of keeping that momentum is to treat each day as precious and while the month has just begun I want to see it as “off to a beautiful start” as the main image proclaims.

This week on Labels, Love, and Living I am not holding back. I am posting new content everyday! I even have a special guest posting on the “Living” section on a new delivery snack service she has discovered. Also for the “Love” section this week I’m polling women about “giving up the goods” prior to seriously dating and I’m sharing some new thrifted items I recently purchased. 

For now, head to the “Labels” section on the new lipstick I’m in love with and then watch this quick slideshow video on some of my favorite moments this past July!

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