Summer hair: braided bob


It’s summer, it’s humid and hot. Duh, right? Well this summer like the last four years I am very adamant about having my hair manageable and out of my hands as much as possible. As a natural gal going to the hairdresser throuought the summer is like me wearing a sweater in the heat- it doesn’t make sense! Though I could use a trim on my ends (not badly though), I still don’t think getting my hair pressed and curled is in my hair or bank accounts best interest. So, the last two summers (many thanks to some YouTubers) I learned how to do kinky twists/Marley twists/jumbo twists etc. on my natural hair with hair added. I’m even doing styles on my mom and aunts hair, it’s nice to be able to do your own hair and family members who let me “try out” styles on them :-).

I’d much rather at least learn to do versatile styles instead of forking out $100 or more at a braiding shop. No shade to those that do because hey, you want your hair to look a certain way and be neat. The little home girl down the street that can braid may not be what you’re looking for. And plus if you don’t know anyone who braids or braids somewhat professionally, to the shop you go! 

I just know for me and past experiences in a braiding shop I prefer letting friends I know that do just as good of a job like the braid shop to style my hair, and for my pockets it’s cheaper!

This summer I wanted something different from my go to Marley twists. After coming across the “braided bob” style randomly on Pinterest I first thought, “Do people still wear their hair like this, and with the burnt ends?!” Then it turned into me thinking that the style was actually kinda of cute and so vintage, much like my own style the last five years, I love things that are timeless and classic. 

I remembered a friend I met in high school, Tahira, who began braiding hair as an extra hustle during the summer. I also remembered the last time I wore my hair this way was circa the early/mid 90’s and I was in the 3rd grade! I need to find the picture where I’m rocking the style. Anyway, once I found out Tahira could do the burnt ends I set up an appointment with her, and it was also pretty groovy that she’s reasonable with her prices. With my 8 packs of hair and about 3 hours later my braided bob was complete! 

I admit I was nervous about the style from the beginning, I wanted to be different since not many girls/women that I’ve seen are wearing braids (if they have them) in this way. Braids for those who rock them are so helpful during the summer, cause who wants to be bothered with their hair when it’s hot! 

There are some days where I cannot wait to get the hair off of my neck and when the side braids rub against my face it can be irritating. Otherwise I love the look! I’m doing my best to keep the braids off of my face because I’m getting tiny bumps on the right side of my face because I get oily throughout the day and with the braids touching, it’s a bummer. 

So the way to go with any braid style is to keep the braids out of your face (if it irritates you) and keep your scalp hydrated. I have been spraying my scalp with water and also keeping it oiled, I have had some dry scalp issues so it is essential for me to keep my scalp treated. Healthy hair is the best hair in this heat!

Here are some ways I’ve rocked my braids so far: 

In Harlem NYC


Quick pic at my second job at a summer camp


I went fishing on this day and caught some awesome sunlight


My “on the block” pose, haha


“I wanna be down” like how Brandy sang it


From my heart to yours,

*Elishia 🙂 

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