Compete or Empower?

Do you feel the need to compete with others or do you aim to empower? The question pops into my mind as I embark on new journey’s of my own and observe others reactions. I am the type where I will see something a person has accomplished, or has done something simple like went on […]

Am I too nice?

As I “March” into this new month I have to say first, I am thankful. I am not just thankful for the positive but also the ways that I have handled situations that could’ve brought me down. I am thankful that I have a relatively “can-do” attitude about where I am in my life right […]

Keep ya head up

Hello there, did anyone tell you today how awesome you are? Nope, me either. But hey, I ain’t mad! I’ll tell you why, because more everyday I am recognizing my gifts and the light that I have. Sometimes many of us can get caught up in wanting approval from others too much. From “likes” on […]

Sweet 16

When I turned 16 I remember it was uneventful, but pretty special because I was growing up. My family and I had dined out at our signature birthday dinner place Chili’s, and that was it. That summer I had my first “boyfriend” for two weeks and six days (I kept count haha). But not too […]

The heart of the matter

   Where should I start? Let’s go back to when the ball dropped and 2015 had arrived. Just like any other new year I was excited and so certain my life was going to make this huge turnaround. It did, somewhat. It was for the good mostly but I kept feeling uncomfortable and hidden as […]

FALL in love with yourself

   When you’re getting ready for the day every morning try something new: Confess how much you love yourself. Seems weird, right? It works, trust me. You shouldn’t have to depend on others to compliment you or give you praises – not all the time anyway. Here me out, receiving encouragement from others is awesome […]

October favorites…so far

Hello, lovelies! October will be wrapping up soon, can you believe it? I can’t. For one thing, wasn’t it JUST September! And yet, here we are. No worries, because I have some plans to make any and everything count and turn my occasional frown upside down. This morning I cried about 10 seconds into hearing […]