Elishia and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Hair Day!

A person’s hair on their head or lack thereof can be very important. Hair and those who have it and lots of it can sometimes take it for granted and not think of it as a privilege or something that is special. I for one appreciate having hair on my head even with its kinky and coiled texture. And if I didn’t have hair I would be hopeful that I would embrace it. With having natural hair at times the thought of even being bothered with it to style it seems like so much effort. It’s the last thing I “do” or “fix” after getting primped and dressed, especially if I don’t have my hair in a set style I HAVE to do it everyday. I am working on more protective styles that I can keep in longer. 

Today was a good-bad hair day. It was partially good because I had a better attitude throughout the day. Kudos to me. It was somewhat bad because I didn’t achieve what I intended for my hair. I’ve been there before, but each time it’s almost shocking and yes, annoying.

Hair can be the crown and glory of a person’s exterior. If my hair is “laid” but my day is shaping up to go left, when my hair is done and to my liking I feel awesome and self-confident. Hair days that are good can help your mood, well it helps mine. Or does it? Because even with my crooked parts and fro getting smaller from warmer air, I still managed to have an okay day. But I guess having a rocking hair day can attribute to a person’s mood, hopefully in a positive way.

At 9:34 PM I need to re-style my hair but my hands and tired eye coordination say otherwise. I don’t want to completely write this day off as bad hair day. The kinks have a mind of their own! Eh, no biggie. I have plenty more bad hair days to experience and for that I am grateful.


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