Drama Queen


Ok, so some people don’t know this about me but I have a hint of a drama queen trait inside. Whether it’s screaming because I dropped something random on the floor or whining because I’m hungry, I can be dramatic. I’m no actress but I can be extra at little things and over think but hey, it’s apart of me. The last few weeks in a lot of areas in my life drama was around me, most of which I didn’t stir up or want any part of. But on the hair front of drama I had a rough time styling my hair lately.

I was trying to wear it out more in cute twist-out styles but come the next day that style didn’t exist. So I decided it was time for a protective style. As a natural I wear protective styles here and there to provide less stress to my hair on a daily. I decided on individual twists using Marley hair. I’ve styled my hair a few times with the hair so I knew exactly what to do. 

Click/tap this section—>”Living” for a quick video!

Also stay tuned for some action on the Labels and Love sections, I am in need of content so I’ve neglected them, not purposely though. Especially when it comes to love, that department is vacant! Eh, more to come! Til then:

From my heart to yours,


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