The Big Time

The big time

There isn’t a better time than right now at this moment and the next, the next after that and so on to live out my dreams. What am I waiting for? There are no physical barriers keeping me from going after what I want, the only fears or what if questions are those inside my head. Sad to say but at some point in the last two years I had become used to rejection be it from a potential mate or employer- I was used to the word, “No.”

But no more, it is imperative as well as healthy that I distinguish myself for me. The lessons I have learned and continue to learn has never been so clear until recently. I will not live out someone else’s dreams that have no benefits to me.

So, this is the big time! Though I don’t necessarily have fantastic news or a wow moment to describe. The big time is here, now, and beyond. I want my today, tomorrow and the happiness that makes my stomach flutter like precious butterflies tickling me as a symbol that it is time. Funny thought, I just pictured The Lion King movie as Rafiki told adult Simba “It is time!” A powerful scene as Simba took his place as king and gave a thunderous roar. I am no lion but I have to see myself in a place that is mine.

It’s all coming full circle now.

From my heart to yours,


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