Table for one

 Here I am dining out alone, and it feels good. I had some hesitation as I headed home from work on whether or not I should go to a restaurant alone but alas my fear was beaten to the punch by my gut to just DO IT. I’ve eaten at a table alone before whether it be during my lunch break for work or this one time during my college years I went to the Olive Garden alone and it felt super awkward. It just seemed like people around were watching me probably wondering or thinking, “How come she’s eating alone?” “Did she get stood up,” “I could never do that.” It’s a strange stigma placed on the human race that’s it somehow looked at as weird or just unfamiliar. Well that’s me, weird and unfamiliar so today I wanted some me time. I left work feeling ok and not totally drained so I thought, “Treat yourself!”

It’s a good feeling to be able to put yourself out there no matter what others may be thinking. My drink of choice a cosmopolitan as I get my Carrie Bradshaw on and research this idea of women who dine out alone. True it’s a new age and culture for people that do it but even still it’s a strange concept for onlookers to figure out. Probably because it isn’t “the norm.”

Well not much in my life is normal, pretty steady but I don’t aim for a “normal” state of being. Every blue or beige moon I like to shake things up and just be spontaneous, not everything has to be planned to a T down to your high heeled shoes or in my case dusty but still cute DSW ankle boots. I like taking a chance on my own, and I aim for the fruits of my work labor of job searching and keeping somewhat organized to turn into something fabulous. 
Being alone is something I enjoy but I don’t want it to last forever in terms of love or newfound happiness. I have to wonder, if the table is set for one, how long before others join you?


The Black Carrie Bradshaw

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