So. Here it goes…I got a new job! Well, a second job to be more exact but I’m taking a break from the regular one until summer starts. The new job I started is something very different than I’ve done before, but sort of relates to work I have been doing the last five years in working with elementary students. This position I work in a kindergarten classroom as a Special Education Classroom Assistant, but aside from the one student I am assigned to I have pretty much played a role with the other students as well.  My student is in a regular classroom and very independent, she tries hard to not let her disability get the better of her and I like that her classmates treat her nicely. This is my third week and it is going well, but I am hungry for more! My only wish was that I started when the school year began so that I had more time with the students and that I had more authority with classroom planning.

Life is going at a decent pace and I am in a positive space, much more than the last year. As always life brings ups and down moments and when I was down I was way down. But turning 28 really opened my well-being and momentum to a greater standard, a standard I have delicately placed for myself to keep aiming higher.

The “Catch-28” moment for me was that I noticed a difference in myself even prior to getting a new job. I wasn’t as bitter about the grunt work I had been doing. I felt more inspired, ideas bouncing left and right into my brain saying, “GO!” The past and present makes more sense.

Today the “Love” section I’m chatting about me re-joining some dating sites. I at some point vowed to never venture on them again because that “plenty more fish in the sea” saying baffles me! Tomorrow the “Labels” section will focus on old items that give me good vibes. From my favored Juicy Couture perfume that I’ve had for about two years now (still some left!), to my London cap that I love to wear on my bad hair days. 

Here’s to getting the “catch” at 28.

From my heart to yours,


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