So long summer

 In this moment I’m thinking about the movie Grease and the classic song, “Summer Nights.” If you’re familiar with it feel free to hum it as you read! 🙂 Anywho, summer is like, over. Well not completely and for some of us we don’t even recall when it began because like always it goes by super fast. Eh, that’s life. 

Summer is what, three months of hotness and of an open time frame for many people to take vacations, quick road trips, clean your closet like you wanted to last winter. People get married or attend a wedding during summer, sleep more, the list can go on. 

For me it was spent: WORKING. Yep, this gal had a total of 3 jobs from June until the very last day of July. Then it went to just one job, and now that August is nearing the end and school is almost back in session it’s back to 2. Whoo, well I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Again, eh, that’s life. However I’m not letting all of the hoopla and juggling define me or get me down. I’ve got a new attitude! Yay, me. Still exhausted but, yay!

This week on Labels, Love, and Living it’s all about going back to college, being a little more selfish, and me trying out dating again. But first, tap your finger here for a quick and fun post just for freshman students (particularly young women) starting college, and to those who know a freshman who’s about to start the new journey of college life. 

Cheers to powering through summer and then some…

From my heart to yours,

Elishia 🙂 🙂

Hello August

Well, here’s my “it’s a new month” blog post. Womp, womp. Ok, so I’m not being negative but I’m not going to get into the whole speech of “new month, new me.” I am simply taking in the month of August day by day but also organizing myself in a way so that things that are important to me don’t pass me by. A way of keeping that momentum is to treat each day as precious and while the month has just begun I want to see it as “off to a beautiful start” as the main image proclaims.

This week on Labels, Love, and Living I am not holding back. I am posting new content everyday! I even have a special guest posting on the “Living” section on a new delivery snack service she has discovered. Also for the “Love” section this week I’m polling women about “giving up the goods” prior to seriously dating and I’m sharing some new thrifted items I recently purchased. 

For now, head to the “Labels” section on the new lipstick I’m in love with and then watch this quick slideshow video on some of my favorite moments this past July!

Summer hair: braided bob


It’s summer, it’s humid and hot. Duh, right? Well this summer like the last four years I am very adamant about having my hair manageable and out of my hands as much as possible. As a natural gal going to the hairdresser throuought the summer is like me wearing a sweater in the heat- it doesn’t make sense! Though I could use a trim on my ends (not badly though), I still don’t think getting my hair pressed and curled is in my hair or bank accounts best interest. So, the last two summers (many thanks to some YouTubers) I learned how to do kinky twists/Marley twists/jumbo twists etc. on my natural hair with hair added. I’m even doing styles on my mom and aunts hair, it’s nice to be able to do your own hair and family members who let me “try out” styles on them :-).

I’d much rather at least learn to do versatile styles instead of forking out $100 or more at a braiding shop. No shade to those that do because hey, you want your hair to look a certain way and be neat. The little home girl down the street that can braid may not be what you’re looking for. And plus if you don’t know anyone who braids or braids somewhat professionally, to the shop you go! 

I just know for me and past experiences in a braiding shop I prefer letting friends I know that do just as good of a job like the braid shop to style my hair, and for my pockets it’s cheaper!

This summer I wanted something different from my go to Marley twists. After coming across the “braided bob” style randomly on Pinterest I first thought, “Do people still wear their hair like this, and with the burnt ends?!” Then it turned into me thinking that the style was actually kinda of cute and so vintage, much like my own style the last five years, I love things that are timeless and classic. 

I remembered a friend I met in high school, Tahira, who began braiding hair as an extra hustle during the summer. I also remembered the last time I wore my hair this way was circa the early/mid 90’s and I was in the 3rd grade! I need to find the picture where I’m rocking the style. Anyway, once I found out Tahira could do the burnt ends I set up an appointment with her, and it was also pretty groovy that she’s reasonable with her prices. With my 8 packs of hair and about 3 hours later my braided bob was complete! 

I admit I was nervous about the style from the beginning, I wanted to be different since not many girls/women that I’ve seen are wearing braids (if they have them) in this way. Braids for those who rock them are so helpful during the summer, cause who wants to be bothered with their hair when it’s hot! 

There are some days where I cannot wait to get the hair off of my neck and when the side braids rub against my face it can be irritating. Otherwise I love the look! I’m doing my best to keep the braids off of my face because I’m getting tiny bumps on the right side of my face because I get oily throughout the day and with the braids touching, it’s a bummer. 

So the way to go with any braid style is to keep the braids out of your face (if it irritates you) and keep your scalp hydrated. I have been spraying my scalp with water and also keeping it oiled, I have had some dry scalp issues so it is essential for me to keep my scalp treated. Healthy hair is the best hair in this heat!

Here are some ways I’ve rocked my braids so far: 

In Harlem NYC


Quick pic at my second job at a summer camp


I went fishing on this day and caught some awesome sunlight


My “on the block” pose, haha


“I wanna be down” like how Brandy sang it


From my heart to yours,

*Elishia 🙂 

Truth or Dare to try?

Hello dear reader, is your summer off to a weird, hustle-minded, warm summery start? Well, mine is. 

Weird because I don’t any concrete vacation plans.

Hustle-minded because for the first time I have 2 jobs, a 3rd one I’ll start next week. Two of the jobs are temporary summer grunt jobs but I need money, it’s imperative I collect as many checks that I can. 

Summery because the temperatures are warming up, some days are cooler but my car Cherry reminds me of the steamy days as her small size holds in heat!

Anyways, every day is a day and by the next week most of what happened is a blur. With summer around I definitely don’t want it to pass me by without at least succeeding in some harmless fun. Routine can become boring and I am lately, easily bored. Usually around this time of year I visualize after summer and how I want my life to be, but this year I visualize each day as a potential breakthrough for something new and beneficial. 

Eh, I am pretty much over that same mantra to be truthful. Mostly since the dreaded layoff 3 years ago on June 12th I have worked hard to get to that “something new” and it’s come in strange ways. Whether it was the something new of a job at the museum I didn’t want, the means to get through paying a car loan, a bearable new relationship with some family members, to meet someone I connected with. 

These are things I prayed for but when it began to happen or came to be partially I still didn’t want it, I thought I deserved more. I dared myself to be ok with the changes and in some cases not what I expected. Yeah I was able to pay for some bills, but just barely. Yeah I started to experience a connection with an old friend but it turned out to be just that. I am not by any means questioning what God decided to bestow upon me, though I was quite self-conscious that things still weren’t “right.”
I want to feel alright about my current “situation” but the emotions aren’t budging. Some days I feel confident and others counterproductive. There was something rap star Nicki Minaj (yeah I know) said the other night on The BET Awards after she won an award. Now let me preface this and say I did not watch the show at all, I only saw news highlights. She also sounded a bit “under the influence” and she at one point had forgotten what award she won, but there was something that caught my attention. 

When she said something about dreams and essentially if they don’t come true or you don’t do anything to possibly bring them to fruition, you have no one to blame but yourself. Upon first hearing her words I thought, “Ouch.” But when a second media outlet played the same awards clip of Nicki I thought on her words again thinking, “Maybe she’s right.” I mean would any of her dreams of being a rap star happen if she didn’t hustle doing mixtapes or her keeping a close eye on her then MySpace page to ensure she was getting attention? I’d say maybe not, and truth I don’t know her full story of her “come up” but I’m only commenting on the fact of action speaking louder than our words. 

Hell, I talk a lot and mostly inwardly about my “dreams” and somewhat I have taken steps to make them real but not nearly what I could be doing. I just feel drained sometimes, like society or the media makes it hard for anyone who isn’t famous or remotely well known –  to make it, be discovered. With social media nowadays there are so many people Youtubing, snapchatting, selling hair extensions, dubbing themselves entrepreneurs off of seemingly minute ideas. Where do I fit in?

Truth, I am rarely the person that wants to fit in but I dare to be a person who is noticed behind 12 likes on a poem I wrote or a good job tap after I perform at an open mic. 

I know I have a purpose and my gift as a creator in many forms cannot be taken from me, it is unique. But it’s tough to captilize on it the way I want it to quickly. It’s not just a dream thing it is a dinero thing. Money isn’t everything in regards to my success but I can’t lie, today it is important to me.

This post I first started out as a DIY blog post (which I’ll still do) but gradually as I began the draft it turned into this. It’s my truth.

From my heart to yours,



 So. Here it goes…I got a new job! Well, a second job to be more exact but I’m taking a break from the regular one until summer starts. The new job I started is something very different than I’ve done before, but sort of relates to work I have been doing the last five years in working with elementary students. This position I work in a kindergarten classroom as a Special Education Classroom Assistant, but aside from the one student I am assigned to I have pretty much played a role with the other students as well.  My student is in a regular classroom and very independent, she tries hard to not let her disability get the better of her and I like that her classmates treat her nicely. This is my third week and it is going well, but I am hungry for more! My only wish was that I started when the school year began so that I had more time with the students and that I had more authority with classroom planning.

Life is going at a decent pace and I am in a positive space, much more than the last year. As always life brings ups and down moments and when I was down I was way down. But turning 28 really opened my well-being and momentum to a greater standard, a standard I have delicately placed for myself to keep aiming higher.

The “Catch-28” moment for me was that I noticed a difference in myself even prior to getting a new job. I wasn’t as bitter about the grunt work I had been doing. I felt more inspired, ideas bouncing left and right into my brain saying, “GO!” The past and present makes more sense.

Today the “Love” section I’m chatting about me re-joining some dating sites. I at some point vowed to never venture on them again because that “plenty more fish in the sea” saying baffles me! Tomorrow the “Labels” section will focus on old items that give me good vibes. From my favored Juicy Couture perfume that I’ve had for about two years now (still some left!), to my London cap that I love to wear on my bad hair days. 

Here’s to getting the “catch” at 28.

From my heart to yours,


Table for one

 Here I am dining out alone, and it feels good. I had some hesitation as I headed home from work on whether or not I should go to a restaurant alone but alas my fear was beaten to the punch by my gut to just DO IT. I’ve eaten at a table alone before whether it be during my lunch break for work or this one time during my college years I went to the Olive Garden alone and it felt super awkward. It just seemed like people around were watching me probably wondering or thinking, “How come she’s eating alone?” “Did she get stood up,” “I could never do that.” It’s a strange stigma placed on the human race that’s it somehow looked at as weird or just unfamiliar. Well that’s me, weird and unfamiliar so today I wanted some me time. I left work feeling ok and not totally drained so I thought, “Treat yourself!”

It’s a good feeling to be able to put yourself out there no matter what others may be thinking. My drink of choice a cosmopolitan as I get my Carrie Bradshaw on and research this idea of women who dine out alone. True it’s a new age and culture for people that do it but even still it’s a strange concept for onlookers to figure out. Probably because it isn’t “the norm.”

Well not much in my life is normal, pretty steady but I don’t aim for a “normal” state of being. Every blue or beige moon I like to shake things up and just be spontaneous, not everything has to be planned to a T down to your high heeled shoes or in my case dusty but still cute DSW ankle boots. I like taking a chance on my own, and I aim for the fruits of my work labor of job searching and keeping somewhat organized to turn into something fabulous. 
Being alone is something I enjoy but I don’t want it to last forever in terms of love or newfound happiness. I have to wonder, if the table is set for one, how long before others join you?


The Black Carrie Bradshaw

The Big Time

The big time

There isn’t a better time than right now at this moment and the next, the next after that and so on to live out my dreams. What am I waiting for? There are no physical barriers keeping me from going after what I want, the only fears or what if questions are those inside my head. Sad to say but at some point in the last two years I had become used to rejection be it from a potential mate or employer- I was used to the word, “No.”

But no more, it is imperative as well as healthy that I distinguish myself for me. The lessons I have learned and continue to learn has never been so clear until recently. I will not live out someone else’s dreams that have no benefits to me.

So, this is the big time! Though I don’t necessarily have fantastic news or a wow moment to describe. The big time is here, now, and beyond. I want my today, tomorrow and the happiness that makes my stomach flutter like precious butterflies tickling me as a symbol that it is time. Funny thought, I just pictured The Lion King movie as Rafiki told adult Simba “It is time!” A powerful scene as Simba took his place as king and gave a thunderous roar. I am no lion but I have to see myself in a place that is mine.

It’s all coming full circle now.

From my heart to yours,


Drama Queen


Ok, so some people don’t know this about me but I have a hint of a drama queen trait inside. Whether it’s screaming because I dropped something random on the floor or whining because I’m hungry, I can be dramatic. I’m no actress but I can be extra at little things and over think but hey, it’s apart of me. The last few weeks in a lot of areas in my life drama was around me, most of which I didn’t stir up or want any part of. But on the hair front of drama I had a rough time styling my hair lately.

I was trying to wear it out more in cute twist-out styles but come the next day that style didn’t exist. So I decided it was time for a protective style. As a natural I wear protective styles here and there to provide less stress to my hair on a daily. I decided on individual twists using Marley hair. I’ve styled my hair a few times with the hair so I knew exactly what to do. 

Click/tap this section—>”Living” for a quick video!

Also stay tuned for some action on the Labels and Love sections, I am in need of content so I’ve neglected them, not purposely though. Especially when it comes to love, that department is vacant! Eh, more to come! Til then:

From my heart to yours,


Elishia and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Hair Day!

A person’s hair on their head or lack thereof can be very important. Hair and those who have it and lots of it can sometimes take it for granted and not think of it as a privilege or something that is special. I for one appreciate having hair on my head even with its kinky and coiled texture. And if I didn’t have hair I would be hopeful that I would embrace it. With having natural hair at times the thought of even being bothered with it to style it seems like so much effort. It’s the last thing I “do” or “fix” after getting primped and dressed, especially if I don’t have my hair in a set style I HAVE to do it everyday. I am working on more protective styles that I can keep in longer. 

Today was a good-bad hair day. It was partially good because I had a better attitude throughout the day. Kudos to me. It was somewhat bad because I didn’t achieve what I intended for my hair. I’ve been there before, but each time it’s almost shocking and yes, annoying.

Hair can be the crown and glory of a person’s exterior. If my hair is “laid” but my day is shaping up to go left, when my hair is done and to my liking I feel awesome and self-confident. Hair days that are good can help your mood, well it helps mine. Or does it? Because even with my crooked parts and fro getting smaller from warmer air, I still managed to have an okay day. But I guess having a rocking hair day can attribute to a person’s mood, hopefully in a positive way.

At 9:34 PM I need to re-style my hair but my hands and tired eye coordination say otherwise. I don’t want to completely write this day off as bad hair day. The kinks have a mind of their own! Eh, no biggie. I have plenty more bad hair days to experience and for that I am grateful.