Hello August

  Well, here’s my “it’s a new month” blog post. Womp, womp. Ok, so I’m not being negative but I’m not going to get into the whole speech of “new month, new me.” I am simply taking in the month of August day by day but also organizing myself in a way so that things […]

Truth or Dare to try?

   Hello dear reader, is your summer off to a weird, hustle-minded, warm summery start? Well, mine is.  Weird because I don’t any concrete vacation plans. Hustle-minded because for the first time I have 2 jobs, a 3rd one I’ll start next week. Two of the jobs are temporary summer grunt jobs but I need money, […]


 So. Here it goes…I got a new job! Well, a second job to be more exact but I’m taking a break from the regular one until summer starts. The new job I started is something very different than I’ve done before, but sort of relates to work I have been doing the last five years […]

Table for one

 Here I am dining out alone, and it feels good. I had some hesitation as I headed home from work on whether or not I should go to a restaurant alone but alas my fear was beaten to the punch by my gut to just DO IT. I’ve eaten at a table alone before whether […]

Drama Queen

  Ok, so some people don’t know this about me but I have a hint of a drama queen trait inside. Whether it’s screaming because I dropped something random on the floor or whining because I’m hungry, I can be dramatic. I’m no actress but I can be extra at little things and over think […]


In two months I will be…dun dun DUN! 28 YEARS OLD! I honestly don’t know where the years have gone, I can remember turning 21 years old, even 14 years old not that long ago or younger than that for that matter. But time has gone on and I am grateful for my life, good health, and enough […]